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Give yourself one more hour

Allow an extra hour to prepare before going to sleep. You can take a hot shower to refresh your body temperature, read a book and massage your body and other things that make you feel comfortable and drowsy. Whenever possible, you should stay away from any computer that encourages you to use the Internet to search or work at bedtime.

Avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine

Stay with water, fruit juice, and decaffeinated drinks several hours before bedtime. It is said that caffeine blocks the effects of your adenosine, which is a neurotransmitter that makes you feel drowsy. Drink coffee alone every morning so you can quickly fall asleep at night and avoid tripping in the bathroom while you sleep.

Prepare your body to sleep

Leave the electronics outside the room. Train your body to associate the bed only with rest or sex. Also, stop eating two to three hours before bedtime, and cut off caffeine for six to eight hours before bedtime. Keep it quiet. We have found a dreamcloud mattress coupon code online at a discount so that you can sleep better. Noises that disturb sleep often include a spouse or partner who snores, a pet with nightmares (it’s more common than you think), traffic noises and television late at night. Snoring tapes can reduce breathing sounds. Try moving your pet to another part of the house. And the music can be cut with earplugs. Try putting the TV on a timer, and many remote controls have this feature. The key is to understand what bothers you and take action to eliminate it.

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Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a tiny parasite. In most cases, more men than women will contract the disease. When men and women have sex, the disease can be transmitted though vaginal-penis contact. It is also possible for two women to pass the disease onto each other if their genital areas come into contact with one another. Many people who have this disease won’t have any symptoms. In fact, only about 30 percent of people with the disease will know that they have it. The people who do show symptoms will often experience a burning sensation on their genitals. Some will have sore or itchy genitals. There are some people who will notice a green, yellow, white or clear discharge coming from their penis or vagina that smells really bad.

Treatment for Trichomoniasis: This disease can be treated with antibiotics. About three months after the individual has completed their cycle of medication, they should be tested again to be sure that the disease has been treated.


AIDS is a deadly disease caused by the HIV virus. For many years, AIDS was a mystery. In fact, AIDS was first called GRID, which stood for gay-related immune deficiency. This is because the first people to be seen with the disease were gay men. Back then, they didn’t even know how the disease was transmitted. Over time, and after a great deal of research, doctors found out that anyone could contract the disease. The HIV virus can be spread through passed body fluids. The most common causes of the disease are through vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex. If a person were to get a blood transfusion with blood infected with the HIV virus, they can contract it. This is why for the past few decades, all donated blood is thoroughly tested. The disease can be passed during childbirth and through the mother’s infected breast milk.

The HIV virus cannot be passed through saliva or sweat. The HIV virus produces very vague symptoms. Some people don’t experience any symptoms. Those who do often present with flu symptoms. This would mean a low-grade fever, muscle aches, and fatigue. Some people will suffer from diarrhea or unexplained weight loss. It can take years for the HIV virus to cause AIDS. When this happens, the disease makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to to fight off infection. Most people who die from AIDS often suffer from a serious infection that their body cannot fight off and cannot be treated.

Treatment for HIV/AIDS: Years ago, AIDS was a death sentence. Thanks to extensive work and research, it is possible for a person to live a healthy life with the HIV virus. A person with HIV will be prescribed antiretroviral drugs, also known as the triple cocktail. These medications will keep the HIV virus from turning into full-blown AIDS. It is even possible for a woman to have a baby today if she has the HIV virus. If the disease progresses to AIDS, doctors can try to treat the infections that were caused by AIDS. However, the prognosis at this point is bleak. This is because advanced AIDS can destroy the immune system completely.

Sexually Transmitted Disease Myths

Most people understand all there is to know about STD’s. However, there are some myths that people still believe today. When a person can tell the difference between truth and myth, they can better protect themselves.

Myth 1: Wearing Two Condoms Will Better Prevent an STD: Some people think that wearing more than one condom will protect them from STD’s better. This is not the case. In fact, it is the exact opposite. The friction between the two condoms can cause them both to tear easily, which can increase the chances of getting an STD.

Myth 2: Pulling Out Will Prevent STD’s: If a person’s partner pulls out, it doesn’t mean that they cannot get an STD. Pre-ejaculation can occur, which can easily pass on a disease. Also, diseases like herpes and HPV are passed through skin-to-skin contact, therefore, pulling out won’t help.

Myth 3: Oral Sex is Safe Sex: There are some people who believe having oral sex is safe. While a person cannot get pregnant through oral sex, there is a good chance that they can develop an STD if all they had was oral sex.

Myth 4: Being in a Monogamous Relationship Will Prevent an STD: Many people believe that if they are in a monogamous relationship that they won’t need to worry about getting an STD. In some cases, this is true, however, just because on the person is being monogamous, it doesn’t mean that the other person is. The only way for a person to be sure that they are safe is to have protected sex.

Myth 5: It Is Easy To Tell If Someone Has an STD: Since many sexually transmitted diseases produce no symptoms, it is impossible to tell if a person is sick. Even the cleanest, most well-groomed, most attractive people could be carrying a sexually transmitted disease.

When Should A Person Be Tested For an STD?

The only way to keep from passing a sexually transmitted disease on to others is to be tested. There are a few circumstances where an STD test would be warranted.