July 6, 2010

Family Photographers We Love in Hawaii

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Family Photography by Frank Amodo - Hawaii

In a few weeks, we’ll be in Hawaii for a family reunion.  One family, three generations, five kids from ages 3 to 20, a tropical location, and four plus years since we’ve all been together – we’re excited to say the least!  While lots of photos will be taken, last week, we decided it would be great to hire a photographer to capture everyone together away from home.

After asking friends and researching through many family photographer websites, I thought I’d share my favorite choices so far.  Each photographer has their own style, and it’ll be hard to choose from this wide range of work.  This week, we’ll be contacting them to see who we “click” with.

  • Carrie Hasson – there’s a dreamy quality to Carrie’s work that I’m drawn to.
  • Natalie Norton – not your typical on-the-beach location shoots
  • Jayson Tanega – Jayson’s work is professional and slick – I think you’ll like it or it’s not for you.
  • Frank Amodo – primarily a wedding photographer but the look of his family photo shoots are gorgeous.
  • Lisa Hoang – vibrant and colorful work (be careful – don’t click on the “Remember” link n her site – there’s a virus there)
  • Lisa Warninger – a talent from the mainland who shoots in Oahu once a year while based out of Portland

If you have any recommendations for other family photographers working on Oahu, we’d love to hear about them too.

image: Frank Amodo

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