January 13, 2006

Handmade Cloth Dolls by Rosa Pomar

in Art


Rosa Pomar has raised the art of custom dollmaking.  Each of her dolls is unique, custom, handmade, and numbered.  Assembled using various natural materials including wool, linen, cashmere, silk, and cotton, there is an incredible originality to Rosa’s creations.  Most dolls include trimming from her own personal collection of vintage cotton lace and embroidered ribbon. 


Since each doll is handmade, there’s only a few available through her website at a time.  Dolls are made by Rosa where she lives in Portugal, and interested buyers view the dolls on her site and can choose to purchase a doll through a private Paypal transaction.  Sign up on her email list to learn of new dolls.

Visit Rosa Pomar’s Cloth Doll Website for more information, plus her doll gallery via Flickr.




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