June 23, 2006

Marla Olmstead – six-year old Picasso in the making

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Burning Blue Ball by Marla Olmstead

Decorating your child’s room with an abstract painting might not be your first choice, but today we venture this way because this painting is the work of six-year old child artist prodigy, Marla Olmstead.  First discovered and covered in the New York Times in 2004, Marla has continued to paint enjoying a growing following and international recognition.

This Saturday, June 24, is the opening reception of Marla’s new work at A. StuART Gallery in Encino, California.

Marla started painting along side her dad at the age of two, and her great-grandfather, great-uncle, great-aunt and two of her second cousins are/were professional artists.  She is also the descendent of Frederick Law Olmsted, landscape architect of Central Park.  Is it the genes?

Needless to say, six-year old Marla is on her way to paying for her own college education, and much more.

Marla Olmstead signs painting

Watch Marla paint in these two videos – part 1 and part 2.

Original paintings and limited edition prints are available.  For more information, visit Marla Olmstead’s website

Lollipop House by Marla Olmstead

"Lollipop House"

Mosquito Bite by Marla Olmstead

"Mosquito Bite" 

Dandelions painted by Marla Olmstead


link: Marla Olmstead website

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