April 22, 2009

Artist Spotlight at Coochicoos

Artists of all types of media are invited to submit their work for free exposure
to appear in our website header. Works may be illustrations, photographs, collages,
or graphic designs. If you’re not sure, submit a sample and we’ll let you know.

Art Specifications and Submittals

To be considered for our Artist Spotlight, please send us the following items
in an email to spotlight [at] coochicoos.com.

  • Images must measure 728 x 90 pixels in jpg, gif, or png file formats. Animating
    images are not preferred unless it is part of the creative intent. Think gallery,
    not billboard – so please do not have any “advertising” text or
    logos into your image.
  • A brief background about yourself, your work and creative process.
  • A URL to your site so readers can get more information about you and your

Artist Roster

Sion Lee

Jenn Ski

Julie Frith

Kris Williams

Tara Hogan


Coochicoos acknowledges Gawker
for the inspiration behind our Artist Spotlight.