November 25, 2008

Airborne Mini Launches Customized Bugaboo Stroller Aftermarket

in Baby Gear

Airborne Mini Custom Wheels for Bugaboo Strollers

If pushing around your Bugaboo stroller isn’t already making a status statement, then why not take the next step and customize your baby’s ride with Airborne Mini’s stroller accessories.  Currently launching with custom pieces for your Bugaboo, the line include rims, cup holders, coaster boards, and brackets.  You can also lower your Bugaboo with custom axles that will drop its profile stance.  I guess the only thing missing are lowrider hydraulics and a booming sound system.

Jamie Coblentz of Airborne Mini says that the wheels can also be anodized in custom colors to add that extra personal customization that will turn your Bugaboo into the sickest baby ride on your block.  Plush leather or ultra suede liners seat liners will also be available.

Who knew that status-symbol strollers would bring about a stroller aftermarket industry?  Will you be the first on the block to customize your Bugaboo?

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