September 29, 2008

Ali’s Picks: Eebee’s Adventures: The New Kid on the DVD Block

in Baby Gear

Eebee's Adventures DVD's

Move over, Baby Einstein: A puppet named Eebee is shaking things up!  At giggle, we’re always looking for books, DVDs and music that are smart, unique, and appropriately "giggle." So we were excited to find this collection of developmental DVDs that raise the bar with their fun, insightful and simple lessons. This extremely well thought-out line incorporates music, language and vivid colors to engage babies and teach them about their world, and it’s all built around a character named Eebee.

Eebee doesn’t use repetition and memorization to get his point across; he teaches through everyday play. The philosophy behind Eebee is that simple experiences within the baby’s reality create a far better framework for learning than something they’re unlikely to encounter in everyday life. Instead of watching dolphins jumping in an ocean to classical music, babies get to see Eebee play in a laundry basket (much more relatable since not many babies have pet dolphins).

So far Eebee’s Adventures include All In A Day’s Play, Exploring Real Stuff, and Figuring Things Out.  Eebee’s is such a great idea, there should definitely be more to come. We love activities that encourage babies’ development, and that’s why we love Eebee!

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