October 29, 2008

Ali’s Picks: The WashPOD: It’s All About The Baby Bucket!

in Baby Gear


What’s new in baby tubs? How about a bucket? The WashPOD is an innovative concept that’s new to the US, but Europeans have totally embraced it as an alternative to standard baby tubs.

Here’s why you’ll love it: First of all, it holds babies in an upright position so you’ll never have to worry about your child going under. Secondly, it takes up less space than a standard tub, making it a whole lot easier to store. Plus, its small size means you’ll use less water. 

On top of all the practical considerations, it’s much more aesthetically pleasing than your standard plastic tub. With clean lines and a contemporary look, it’s an easy upgrade for any modern parent!

– by Ali Wing, CEO of giggle.com

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