June 23, 2008

Ali's Picks: Oxo Candela Nightlights

in Baby Gear

Candela Nightlights

Clever, colorful, practical, and cute—these portable lights emit a gentle glow whenever and wherever you need them most. They turn on automatically when lifted from their charger, which means no switches to fuss with in the middle of the night. And they give you up to eight hours of illumination away from their base.

Their ambient light makes them perfect for nursing or diaper changes—much more soothing than flipping on the overhead lights. Best of all, since they don’t need to stay plugged in, they can be taken "to go," making them a great toddler option for late-night trips to the bathroom (or into mom and dad’s room). They’ll even switch on automatically when the electricity goes out, making them a soothing presence during thunderstorms.

As far as nightlights go, they just don’t come any more practical or versatile. And with their fun shape and contemporary colors, they’ll brighten up your child’s room in more ways then one!

Oxo Candela Nightlights  |  $50 at Giggle

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