August 28, 2007

Boon Brings Fun and Practicality to Eating

in Baby Gear

Last week, we had the chance to stop by Boon’s offices in Phoenix and got a preview of their newest product developments.  The latest was an extensive feeding line that included a total of nine new pieces.  Here’s a rundown of our favorite new Boon feeding pieces.
Boon Squirt Feeding SpoonSquirt is a self-contained feeding spoon where you load up the bulb/handle with baby food, and then one squeeze “squirts” out food for your baby’s next spoonful.  No more reloading from the jar.
Boon Benders Spoon and ForkBenders is a spoon and fork set where the “neck” of the utensil is flexible.  Bend it at sharper angles for beginning eaters until infant motor skills develop for a straighter angle.
catchbowl_collage.jpgThe key part of the Catch Bowl is the flexible “food catcher” that directs missed food back into the bowl.  Catch Bowl also comes with a suction cup on the bottom to fix the bowl to your table to discourage those notorious bowl-throwers.
Feeding Line by BoonThe rest of Boon’s Feeding Line includes Fluid – a no-spill toddler cup, Snack Ball – a ball-shaped snack container, ModWare – a more grown-up toddler set of utensils, and finally, Groovy – an interlocked bowl and plate set with movable dipping cups.  All new pieces from Boon’s Feeding Line will be available in October.

link: Boon Feeding Line

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