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Bugaboo Offers Protection from the Sun

Bugaboo Sun Canopy and Sunshade

Bugaboo owners have probably come up with many different makeshift sun shades while strolling with their babies in the full summer sun.  Well, no more blankets or towels anymore.  Bugaboo has just introduced a sun canopy accessory for both the Gecko and Chameleon strollers.  The canopy is made of the same fleece material as the stroller, and includes UVA and UVB protective mesh vents.  When you need even more protection, parents can also add Bugaboo’s new Sunshade that stretches over the entire compartment.  Used together, the materials comply with Australia’s strictest sun protection standard of SPF50+.

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  1. 99 mos, 3 wks ago

    Fantastic idea, what about bugabike ? Good idea too ?

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