October 5, 2011

DIY Bugaboo Fix Saves Dad $200

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Here’s a story of how one resourceful dad fixed his Bugaboo, and also the amazing future of 3D printing.

Duann Scott’s Bugaboo recently developed a problem with the handle lock on the pram, and the official replacement parts from the manufacturer are priced at $250. That price seemed outrageous to Duann, since the broken part was simply a small metal plate. Thankfully, Duann is a do-it-yourself kind of guy, so he was able to model a replacement part himself. After the design was complete, it was simply a matter of uploading the design to Shapeways where it was 3D-printed in stainless steel for about $25. Once the parts arrived in the mail, Duann popped them into the hinge, making the pram as good as new again– and the Scott family had saved themselves $225.

Read the whole story at Geek Dad, and see the step-by-step repair at Instructables.

image by Duann Scott

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