July 16, 2006

Dump Your Disposable Diapers

in Baby Gear

Cloth Diaper by Cute Baby Shoes

If the idea of cloth diapers brings to mind unwieldy, bulky strips of white cloth and sharp skin-piercing safety pins—try these on for size. Cute Baby Shoes normally makes what you’d think they make—shoes that are cute and for babies. However, they’ve brought out a line of washable cloth diapers that snap on, shake out and go through the wash as many times as you’d like per day. With a waterproof outer shell and a soft absorbent inner layer, these durable-yet-adorable diapers look good and feel good—both to the environment and the pocketbook. With their new styles debuting in August, now is a good time to snatch up a deal while they clean out their inventory. $10-$20.

Cute Baby Shoes

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