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Modern Parents Decide: Vipp vs. Diaper Genie II


Virtually the same size, 11″ in diameter and 20″ high, the Vipp 15 wastebasket and new Diaper Genie II are two distinctly different alternatives to trashing your dirty diapers. While this might be an unfair vote with the handsome Vipp at $239 over ten times the cost of the plastic $29.99 Diaper Genie, this is certainly a choice between style, function, and cost. Modern parents, here is a chance to be heard.

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  1. Nicole
    98 mos, 1 wk ago

    This poll is even more unfair since the original Diaper Genie is pictured and not the Diaper Genie II. The new Genie looks better and you don’t have to twist the diapers into “poo sausage links.”

  2. 98 mos, 1 wk ago

    Wow, we really missed this one. We replaced the photo with new Diaper Genie II. And yes, even though we thought that this poll might be a bit unfair, the intent was to show the two extremes – in design and price – and illustrate that there’s lots of room for innovation. After all, all we want as parents and consumers is better choices.

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