November 6, 2007

Mutsy 4-Rider Light Stroller Review

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New mom and a friend of Coochicoos, “Manhattan Beach Momma”, recently had a chance to try out a new Mutsy 4-Rider Lightweight Stroller and sent us this review. Thanks, MBM!

Be prepared to stop once or twice when walking with the Mutsy Stroller.  I couldn’t get through a walk without a compliment or question about my stroller. According to my husband, the no-nonsense styling of the Mutsy 4-Rider Light is the eco-friendly Hummer of strollers.  Aside from the stylish retro look, one of my favorite features about the Mutsy is its height.

I feel that my baby is safer in a sturdy carriage higher off the ground, and I worry less about other people’s curious dogs and kids riding by on skateboards or other low riding gadgets with wheels. Another plus about the height of the bassinet is that it’s easier on my back when attending to my baby.

My husband and I are tall people, so we both loved the maximum
length of the handle bar. Other strollers claim to have adjustable
handles but that has meant adjustments tailored for shorter to average
height people, leaving our shoulders hunched on our walks. With the
maximum height of the Mutsy handle bar, I can walk tall and my husband
even volunteers to push.

Another great thing about the Mutsy is
that it can be pushed and controlled with one hand. I have had problems
with other strollers because I needed to use both hands maneuver, and
what I’ve learned as a mother is that you really need to have one
available hand at all times.  If you like to eat out, the bassinet with
attachable handles fits nicely into a booth where baby is protected by
the canopy and attachable basket cover which doubles as a wind blocker.

Mutsy has enough space on the bottom for a full size diaper bag, and
the zipper pockets hidden stylishly around the carriage are great for
quick-to-reach items like cell phone, keys or cash.  Learning to fold
the Mutsy frame was the only obstacle but after doing it a few times I
found my rhythm and it became a piece of cake.

links: 4-Rider Light Stroller at Mutsy  |  Buy at BabyAnt or TinyRide

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