November 29, 2007

Obliterate Odors with VIPP Diaper Pails

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Vipp Diaper Pail

This month, Coochicoos begins an on-going series of columns by Ali Wing, founder of giggle, a baby retailer whose driving philosophy is “helping new parents navigate the glut of choices out there and find only what they need, when they need it.” While both Coochicoos and giggle love great-looking design, Ali will bring her experience to show that the best baby products are not just eye candy but are also practical and functional in design. Her first article describes her love for the Vipp waste bin as the best choice for a diaper pail.

It’s one thing to invest in great design
for design’s sake. But with the VIPP
Diaper Pail, you get a superior product that works as good
as it looks.

Standard plastic diaper pails are at
best plain, and at worst, ugly. Even worse, they’ll start to smell bad
over time because they’re not airtight and the plastic absorbs odors.

But the VIPP is a great-looking choice
that’s virtually odor free. Not only is it completely airtight, but
it’s made of stainless steel that won’t absorb smells. Plus, you can
use any plastic bag inside of it rather than having to buy a specific
brand of refills.

It’s not just your nose that benefits:
where a standard diaper pail is destined to get used for a short amount
of time and end up in a landfill, the VIPP graduates beautifully into
the kitchen or bathroom when you’re past the diaper stage.

Doctors and dentists
throughout the world use VIPP waste bins because they’re compact, airtight
and sanitary — and those same qualities are what make VIPP Bins the
perfect diaper pail!

link:  VIPP Diaper Pail

-by Ali Wing, CEO of giggle

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