February 12, 2006

Orbit Baby Stroller System Closer to Launch

in Baby Gear


Nearly four years in the making, the Orbit Baby Stroller System is coming closer to a launch date.  Many parents are awaiting this new arrival of a combination stroller/car seat system.  Founded by industrial product designers, Joseph Hei, Bryan White, and Chris Loew, the Orbit Baby system was created only after extensive feedback from parents and retailers.  The system holds over 9 key patent technologies and inspired the company name from its versatile circular component interface design.  In addition to the upcoming stroller/car seat system, Orbit has plans for a toddler seat upgrade, a twin infant system, and a rocker and bassinet that is interchangleable with the Orbit Baby Stroller system.

Before we get carried away, we’ll await the launch of Orbit’s first product.  Stay tuned for further updates. 




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