April 27, 2006

Boon Inc. introduces Flo, a bathtub faucet protector and more…

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Boon Inc's Flo, Bathtub Faucet Protector

The folks at Boon are on a roll – introducing their second product of 2006, Flo, a multi-purpose bathtub faucet protector.  How often have you scooped your hand to divert the water so you could wash your child’s hair?  Well, Boon’s Flo faucet protector has a built-in diverter that creates a flow of water that your hand would have done.


Plus, Flo is also a bubble bath dispenser that turns incoming water into a bubbly waterfall.


We have a sneaky suspicion that bubble bath sales will increase along with the sales of Flo.  Flo will be available in June 2006 at $14.99 retail.

Link:  Boon Inc.

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