January 18, 2006

Raising your child with Stokke baby gear – literally

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Stokke is a Norweigian design company whose baby gear line is popular all over the world.  Their Xplory Stroller and KinderZeat high chair has literally been raising children.  How?  Well, the primary design goal of the Xplory Stroller was to lift the child up from traditional stroller seat heights so that they may have a higher point of view.  In crowded public situations, imagine the comfort of experiencing the world higher up than seeing the blur of legs and bags speeding past you.  What’s more, Stokke believes that being higher up also helps build stronger bonds with your child while you are out on the town.

Stokke Xplory Stroller  |   $749 at Babystyle.com

Stokke KinderZeat

Next, the KinderZeat has long been a staple high chair in Europe since being introduced in 1972.  KinderZeat’s design allows the chair to be pulled right up to the family table so that your child can join the dinner table instead of being isolated in traditional highchairs.  The design also allow easy changing of heights to accomodate growth, and a sturdy footrest to give additional security for the child.  Parents rave that the KinderZeat makes their child less fussy during mealtimes-making the European design well worth its cost over other chairs.

Stokke KinderZeat High Chair  |   $199 at DWRJax

Now, what a way to raise a child! 

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