June 15, 2009

Skip Hop Tubby Storage

in Baby Gear

 Tubby Storage by Skip Hop

Bath time can be tons of fun for baby and parent alike, especially when you’re stocked up on duckies, squirters, and other entertaining tub toys. To keep bathroom chaos at a minimum, you need storage, and the Tubby Storageicon is one of my favorites is this cool toy holder from Skip Hop.

The Skip Hop Tubby has a clean design, vibrant colors and a cool shape. Plus, it’s made of neoprene (think wet-suit fabric) that dries quickly and stretches to fit your toys. 

But that’s not all I love about it. It’s also well-engineered with a mounting plate that secures to any tile or glass surface with four strong suction cups, which means it’s made to stay put. Skip Hop earns another A+ for great execution of a baby basic.

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