March 13, 2008

Stashing Your Stroller with StrollAway

in Baby Gear

Metrotots' StrollAway

Metrotots’ StrollAway is right on the money when they state on their website:

It’s huge, it cost you a fortune, and it’s a neccessity. But where do you put it? The neighbors scowl if you leave it in the hallway (illegal they say, as it’s a fire hazard). It folds, but the fact that it’s on wheels makes it impossible to stay upright in a closet, and at about $1,000.00 a square foot in this city, it’s costing you a fortune in lost space!

Even though most of us don’t live in a tiny Manhattan apartment at $1,000 a square foot, StrollAway makes it nice to get that stroller out of your entry hall or falling over when you open the closet door.

StrollAway  |  $40 at Metrotots

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