November 14, 2007

Ubi Changing Table Review

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Ubi Modern Changing Table

The Ubi Diaper Changing Table ($119) has unique built-in diaper dispenser that also holds an unfolded diaper in place to make diaper changes easier.  For all those out there who have been wondering if the modern-looking Ubi
diaper changing table is really worth it, here’s our review. 

I’ve always thought it was uncomfortable having to
hoist my little one’s legs high enough to get the diaper all the way under her. 
She squirms, grunts a little, and it just seems so very uncomfortable, not to
mention not altogether good for her spine.  The Ubi changing table makes this
task so easy and saves so much time and effort.  Just lay her on the already
opened diaper and pull the tabs on each side.  Considering the number of diapers
being changed every day, this is huge convenience, and seemingly easy on my baby.

My one reservation about the Ubi is that it’s really safest sitting on the floor.  I don’t like that I have to get on the floor to
change my little one’s diaper.  I can see the benefit once she gets older and
heavier, but for now I prefer changing her higher up on a traditional changing

On a final note, some suggestions for future models…a place for wipes,
diaper cream, etc that maybe hangs off the side of the changing table?  Perhaps
a table top version?

link: Ubi website

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