May 31, 2007

Wiegen Concept Stroller Blows Us Away

in Baby Gear

Wiegen Stroller by Wiegen

Are you drooling at just the sight of the Wiegen Stroller?  First, let's understand the Wiegen (German for cradle) is a concept prototype designed by Minneapolis-based design studio Worrell.  Just as there are unattainable concept cars at an auto show, the Wiegen is also unattainable in that way.  While it's dissappointing, the Wiegen serves its purpose as a concept model to show us what's possible when more product designers continue to look at the baby market as underserved for the modern parent.

From Worrell's website:

"Wiegen is a wake-up call to the dated marketplace of lackluster competitors churning out products that fail to meet the needs of today's parents."


View video of designer Dan Clements' story behind Wiegen.

Wiegen Stroller - Top Down View

Wiegen Logo Closeup

Two views of Wiegen Concept Stroller

Download Wiegen Stroller Flipbook.

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