April 26, 2006

Baby websites make it easy to keep in touch

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Design from Baby Window   babyweb.jpg

Seems like these days everybody has a website – why not a baby website?  Baby websites are a great way for parents to keep grandparents, relatives, and friends up-to-date on your growing family.  We love these two baby website specialists because they just make it so easy to launch and manage a website.  Busy parents don’t need the extra hassle of updating a website, and both Baby Window and Show Me Baby, make it painless to add new pictures, update a journal, or add to your growth chart.  Each offers a selection of design templates to get you started, and even include a photo editor to adjust your photos before you publish them.

Both sites offer a free trial period to get started, and costs range about $4 per month.  So similar are these services – your final decision may just come down to the choice of design templates each service offers.  Plus we really like that no credit card information is required during your trial period.  Makes a great baby shower gift also.

Baby Window  |  $49 for 12 months & 7 day trial
Show Me Baby  |  $43 for 12 months & 10 day trial

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