August 26, 2007

Boon Introduces Modern Look to Infant Jewelry

in Baby Shower Gifts

Boon Infant JewelryHave you seen cool infant jewelry lately that matches your tastes in modern decor and aesthetics?  Neither did Rebecca Finell, Boon’s co-founder and also recent third-time mom.  Even though a jewelry line is a departure from “Boon in the bathroom” or “Boon at the family eating table“, we’re thankful for Finell’s independence and talent to design whatever she feels like the market is missing.  Made from sterling silver, these new bracelet designs are available in newborn and older toddler sizes.  Grandparents and design-loving parents should be grateful for a modern alternative to infant jewelry.
boon_jewelry2.jpgVisit Boon’s website to pre-order for October delivery.

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