January 3, 2006

Practical & Stylish: A Pink Roses Diaper Cake

in Baby Shower Gifts




Giving diapers has always been one of my favorite gifts for new parents.  Not particularly glamorous, but I know that having extras diapers around and saving a trip to the store is godsend to stressed-out new parents.  Combine the practicality with the beautiful simplicity of a tiered "cake" made of diapers for a baby shower centerpiece, then you have the perfect gift.  This diaper cake design is from Bloomer Baby Diaper Cakes, and they have different flower themes to fit your baby shower theme.  Order online in two sizes – 40 diapers in two tiers or 100 diapers in three tiers.

Pink Roses Diaper Cake  |  $68-112 at Bloomers Baby Diaper Cakes

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