April 7, 2008

An Elegant, Women-Only Baby Shower

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Elegant Southern Baby Shower

When I came across this Southern Accents story about a baby shower thrown with a distinct Southern-style elegance, a few thoughts struck me.  First, it’s nice to see a shower planned around a three-course seated lunch complete with silver flatware, blueberries and Champagne, and dressed-up guests with no blue jeans.  Second, and more importantly, no guys!  As a dad who has attended way too many co-ed baby showers, I applaud any inspirational ideas to return to the days of women-only showers.

Please give us an afternoon off for some golf or just a nap.  We don’t need to play another round of "guess the baby food" or "what candy bar is in the diaper" game, and I’ll bet there wasn’t a game played anywhere near this shower.  Who’s with me in doing away with co-ed baby showers?

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