March 3, 2008

Pingg – Beautiful Online Invitations

in Baby Stationery & Birth Announcements

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We’ve said before that the right invitation sets the mood and anticipation for your upcoming party or event. And while that applied to printed invitations, now there’s a worthy newcomer to online invitations – it’s Pingg.

Pingg has put a great deal of thought and design into their online invitations. Choose from great looking designs across a wide choice of categories from baby and kids, to cocktail or bbq parties, to dinner or engagement themes. Each is beautifully designed and photographed that leaps past anything offered at Evite – the default leader of online invitation and party planning.

Birthday Card from Pingg

Behind the designs, Pingg sends your online invitation via email and through many of today’s modern communication channels including text messaging and Facebook pages.  Pingg also helps you create printed versions of your invitations.  In addition, Pinng includes party management tools that help you create guest lists, review RSVP’s, and even tie in an Amazon gift registry,

Overall, our first impression is that Pingg delivers stylish online invitations that raises the bar for any other online invitation service to match its look and service. 

pingg_examples.jpglink: Pingg


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