November 14, 2011

Three Holiday Card Time Saving Tips

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The holidays rush at us, don’t they?  Next week comes Thanksgiving, that’s filled with out-of-town guests, travel plans, and dinner preparations.  There’s almost little time to think about Christmas, especially holiday cards.

If you want to get your holiday cards done, however, it’s best to get them ordered now, because you need to have time to get them delivered, addressed, and out in the mail.  To help you make your holiday card project easier, here are three ways to will help make your customization easier, your mailing headache-free, and your design search faster.

  1. Preview your photo in all of Minted’s card designs at once.  Part of ordering custom holiday photo cards is inserting your photo into the card design to see how it looks.  Use Minted’s Find It Fast feature, and you only have to do this once.  Just upload your photo into Minted, and it will insert it into all of Minted’s holiday cards so you can quickly preview which card design looks best with your photo.
  2. Let Paper Culture address and mail your cards – for free.  When you use Paper Culture’s Mail and Message service, every card you send out will get a unique message from you, a recipient address, your return address, and even a real postage stamp (no metering).  All you’d be missing is the personal handwritten note or signature, but this is a huge time saver for busy people.  Best of all, this service is free – all you pay for is the stamp.
  3. Use Nouncee’s global card search to find designs faster.  Tired of hopping from one card site to another?  Use Nouncee’s search tool, and you can quickly see holiday card designs from these top online printers all in one site – Tiny Prints, Minted, Paper Culture, Cardstore, eInvite, and Paper Source.

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