Quick Picks

Is Heathly Food Near You? A New Website Shows You

Got hungry kids in the car and wondering what’s near you that’s healthy to eat?  Using GoodFoodNearYou program downloaded on your iPhone or Blackberry, you will see a selection of specific meals at restaurants in your immediate area.  Your…

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For Moms

One Mom's Love/Hate Relationship with Her iPhone

Last week, Ciaran, our editor at Car & Caboodle, got caught up in the frenzy of being one of the first to get Apple’s new iPhone 3G.  Well, let’s say one of the first to "try" to get an iPhone…

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Children's Books

Browsing Children's Picture Books with Lookybook

If you need to browse through books before buying them, then Lookybook is just for you.  Lookybook is a newly launched website that has scanned hundreds of children’s picture books from cover to cover, just so you can browse…

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For Parents

Get Instant Mommy Cool with Apple's New iPods

With so much technology today, it’s becoming harder than ever to keep up and stay cool in the eyes of your kids.  Have you seen how fast kids can text message from their phones?  My son can send a three…

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