May 23, 2007

Kitchen for Kids: A Cookbook for the Grade School Chef

in Children's Books

Kitchen for Kids Cookbook

If your kids have an interest in cooking and helping out in the kitchen, then Kitchen for Kids is a great way to get them hands-on experience with cooking and baking from a kid's perspective.  Recipes are written so there is easy preparation with no electric mixers or knives needed, ingredients are common and easy to work with, and the resulting dish is kid-sized.  What's more, every recipe is photographed – which some adult cookbooks don't even have.  And while your supervision is recommended, the cookbook's introduction promises that "you will be pleasantly surprised at how much children will be able to do by themselves."  Sounds like a great way to inspire a cooked meal for mom and dad.

Kitchen for Kids: 100 Amazing Recipes Your Children Can Really Make  |  $13.57 at Amazon

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