April 21, 2006

Chalkboards for home and nursery

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Chalkboards play a large part in our schooling lives, and maybe that’s why we experience a nostalgic feeling whenever we see chalkboards in our homes.  Teachers called us up to them, wrote our answers on them, and we cleaned them.  Whiteboards just aren’t the same as a chalkboard, are they?  To bring back a bit of nostagia home, here’s a selection of things you can incorporate chalkboards into your child’s room.

  • Woody Chalkboard Table by Offi – this round table has a chalkboard top and a center holder for chalk makes sitting at a table more fun  |  $249 at DWRjax
  • Chalk Armoire and Playtable by ducduc – we love the front chalkboard doors that front this children’s armoire ($1450), plus ducduc’s playtable ($595) has a chalkboard top that is also reversible to be a lacquer finish and also comes with a rolling storage bin  |  at Sparkability
  • Magnetic Chalkboard Paint from Yoyamart – turn any wall in your home into a magnetic chalkboard with a couple coats of this paint  |  $35 at Yoyamart
  • Chalkboard Wall Panel by NotNeutral – easily hang a chalkboard with these easy to hang wall panels  |  $32 (set of 4 panels) at NotNeutral

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