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Customize Your Nursery Wallpaper Design via DwellStudio

We are loving DwellStudio’s new customizable wallpaper because it allows customers to choose the scale of the pattern.  Not only can you choose your color, by choosing the pattern’s scale, you can make a distinct design statement for your nursery or kid’s room.  Take a look at the example below where the top layout shows the pattern at 100% scale and the bottom at 200%.  When ordering on DwellStudio’s website, you choose your scale from 25% to 500%.  Enter in your wall dimension and you can see exactly what you’ll be getting.  The wallpaper will be delivered in 24″ pre-pasted rolls, and is easy to remove and safe for your walls.  Pricing starts at $5.99 per square foot.DwellStudio Wallpaper

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  1. 48 mos, 3 wks ago

    Very cool – love how our options are increasing with all of the technology available today!

  2. lordtwig
    47 mos, 2 wks ago

    we've been fans of Dwell Studio for some time, these customn wall papers are a great addition to their range, we can't wait to use them in a future project

    Baby Nursery Designer
    Vancouver, BC

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