June 14, 2009

Coolhaus Upgrades the Neighborhood Ice Cream Truck & Why We Need More

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coolHausTruck1, originally uploaded by veejaye.

Here in Los Angeles, gourmet food trucks are a growing trend, and recently the new Coolhaus truck is raising the bar on the typical neighborhood ice cream truck.  By following their Twitter feed you’ll find out where to track down Coolhaus around LA, and when you do, you’ll find custom home-made ice cream sandwiches named after famous architects and design movements.  Meet the girls behind Coolhaus in the video below.

Gelatobaby meets Coolhaus from Alissa Walker on Vimeo.

Enter the Dwell on Design Contest to invent and name your own Coolhaus ice cream sandwich.  The winner will be announced at the upcoming Dwell on Design show on June 26.

Now even though Coolhaus might be a bit too upscale for your neighborhood park ice cream truck, who doesn’t think there’s an untapped niche here?  My thoughts for a successful ice cream truck – a cool name, distinctive truck graphics, ice cream (of course), along with a healthy selection of snacks, fruit, juices, smoothies, and more.  And go green by having free filtered water on tap to save on plastic bottles and drinking from questionable park water fountains.

The goal is to be a truck that parents feel good about seeing in the neighborhood, rather than being an eyesore.  Who’s with me here?

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