November 24, 2008

The Parent Couple Behind Eco-Friendly gDiapers

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Jason and Kim Graham-Nye of gDiapers

[Read about the family couple behind gDiapers, the eco-friendly diaper alternative to cloth diapers – via Cookie Magazine]

Potty talk. Banned from most family dinner tables, it’s hard to avoid for Kim and Jason Graham-Nye, founders of the company gDiapers—which makes eco–friendly, flushable diapers—and parents to sons Fynn, 6, and Harper, 3. "We were at a barbecue two years ago, and another mom scolded Fynn for talking about poop," Kim recalls. "I felt bad for the poor guy, because we say the word fifty thousand times a day. It’s our whole business!"

It’s only fitting that Fynn’s bottom was the first to test their product before the Graham-Nyes launched it in 2005. The couple were living in Jason’s hometown of Sydney, Australia, when Kim became pregnant.

Read the full story here.

image: Cookie Magazine

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