August 18, 2010

Dads – Here's Your Next Diaper Bag (Not!)

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Carter Duffel Bag

Were you a new dad with a hip designer daddy diaper bag?  And after the new dad label wore off, did you start realizing that there were perfectly suitable alternatives that didn’t have to be a “daddy diaper bag”?  If you were like me, I traded in my daddy bag for just my black Northface backpack.  Worked just fine.

Well now, here’ three cool bag alternatives for dads (and other guys, too) that have even more personality as you evolve away from your new dad bag.

Carter Duffel Bag from Property of...

The Carter Duffel ($195) from Property of …, made of washed and coated cotton – big enough to carry most of dad’s and baby’s needs for the day.

Farm Ruck Sack from Makr

Farm Ruck Sack ($160) from Makr Carry Goods – made of natural heavy cotton duck and un-dyed leather, includes unique exterior closures, multiple pockets and leather washers/reinforcements.

Kelly Moore Camera Bag

Finally, the Kelly Moore bag ($199) is on top of my wish list because it’s a “camera bag” that refuses to look like one.  They have bags just for mommy photographers too.

(PS to new dads – From one dad to another – all those diaper bag “essentials” aren’t really necessary, so convince your wife that you prefer a cool bag over a diaper bag.)

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