June 7, 2006

Daddy’s Black Diaper Bag

in Diaper Bags


When first seeing Guys Infant Gear bags, especially the Tailback bag (above right), it reminded me of my Northface backpack – all black and totally rugged.  We seen lots of diaper bags for dads, and only GIG really strips it down to the essentials.  No fancy leather, fabrics, or patterns – just a straight-forward black nylon bag with good zippers, and lots of pockets and compartments for your diapering needs.

GIG promotes that their bags are designed with different "zones" in mind, but we’ll just tell you that that you can organize your keys & cell phone, diapers, dirty stuff, changing pad, and baby bottles and gear into their own compartments.  No more need to elaborate – since we think a dad will buy a GIG bag just because it’s black and does the job.

link:  Guy Infant Gear

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