July 24, 2008

One Mom’s Love/Hate Relationship with Her iPhone

in For Moms

Last week, Ciaran, our editor at Car & Caboodle, got caught up in the frenzy of being one of the first to get Apple’s new iPhone 3G.  Well, let’s say one of the first to "try" to get an iPhone 3G.  After 10 hours spent outside, then inside her local Apple store, Ciaran left empty handed.  The video above chronicles her day as seen through her daughters’ eyes.

Yet still, after her dissappointment with Apple and AT&T for that wasted day, I fell she loves her first-generation iPhone enough to eventually upgrade to the 3G.  How much does she love her iPhone?  Well, while her video expresses her frustration, her post "10 Reasons Why Moms Need an iPhone" is like making-up after a fight.

So from one mom who loves her gadgets to those moms who aren’t so sure, "10 Reasons Why Moms Need an iPhone" is for you.

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