January 31, 2006

Tired of answering those “baby questions”?

in For Moms


Every expectant mother will tell you of the same ‘ol questions that get asked over and over – from friends and mostly complete strangers.  "Is this your first?"  "When are you due?"  "Is your baby a boy or girl?" "Have you picked out a name?"  And don’t forget that ever innocent well-meaning "Are you pregnant?"  Well mothers, Pamela Hillman and Marlo Hall Stern, started Due and Sprout to help manage the onslaught of questions for pregnant moms with an elegant collection of t-shirts and tank tops with just the right answers.




And lastly, here’s one for every stranger, welcome and not, who’s reached out to touch your bundle of joy without asking.


Purchase directly from Due and Sprout online. 

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