June 9, 2008

All-in-One Beaba Babycook Here, But Not BPA-Safe?

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Beaba Babycook

Over the weekend, friends of ours with a six-month old daughter excitedly told us that the Beaba Babycook was now available from France at Williams Sonoma.  We’ve known about Beaba since last year, but haven’t written about it because you couldn’t buy it yet in the US, so we were glad to hear that it was now available.

At first glance. Babycook is pretty cool – it steams, blends, warms, and defrosts homemade baby food all in one unit.  Then, I found Wholesome Baby Food is reporting that the Babycook container and interior cooking bowl is made of polycarbonate, which means it is not BPA-safe.  One reader goes on to call Beaba and reports that Beaba is aware of this and has no plans to change to a BPA-free plastic.  Wow, that doesn’t seem like the way to capture US family households wanting to be BPA-free – especially when it comes to our babies.

So, now our anticipation of reporting about Beaba Babycook finally arriving in the US is not so exciting.  As for our household and 10-month baby, we’re just happy steaming food on our stovetop and using our Braun Handblender.

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