July 6, 2006

Assembling a Bugaboo Stroller – One Man's Struggle

in Baby Gear, For Parents

Our latest online addiction is YouTube, and just today we found this short video titled "My Struggle".  It’s a time-lapse video of one man assembling his new Bugaboo Frog straight out of the box, and you’ll follow his process of reading the manual, finding the parts, and working to figure it all out in his tiny apartment.  I think that’s the most interesting part – watching him assemble his Bugaboo in a small confined space such that he has to move out of the way to let his cat in the front door.  Watch closely or you’ll miss the short water break which makes you wonder just how long it took to assemble.  To cap it all off, "My Struggle" is choreographed to Ravel’s Bolero.  It’s compelling online entertainment.

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