July 10, 2009

Babysitter Notepad

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Babysitter Notepad

When it comes to your baby, there’s just no such thing as Too Much Information. That’s why we love this convenient notepad that helps keep the lines of communication open between you and your babysitter or nanny — whether you’re dashing off to work or enjoying the occasional date night.

The Babysitter Notepad is simple, functional, and provides a quick reference guide for both emergency information and everyday matters. It lets you leave instructions as to what your kids are allowed to eat and watch, what time is bedtime, and any other special instructions your caretaker might need to know.

Best of all, at only $5 it’s a super affordable way to get organized —and buy a little peace of mind while you’re at it. 

Ali Wing, baby product expert, is author of giggle guide to baby gear and founder of giggle.  Follow Ali on Twitter and the Giggle Fan Page on Facebook.

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