July 10, 2007

Build an Online Family Tree with Ease at Geni.com

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Build your family tree at Geni.com

Family trees can be hard to make, but not with Geni.com where you enlist the help of your relatives to fill in the blanks in your own online family tree.  With Geni, first you start your own family tree, then easily invite your cousins, grandparents, or aunts and uncles to help fill out their sides of the family.  The collective effort makes building this family tree so much easier and faster, and you can share the tree with anyone you invite.  

In just over a few weeks, my relatives and in-laws helped fill out our family tree so that we have over 235 relatives included in it.  Geni also lets you fill in information like birthdays, birth order, schools attended, former spouses, step-families, addresses, emails, and more.  It's like one giant family directory.

Start your Geni family tree today.  Best of all, it's free. 

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