November 21, 2010

Is Your Cell Phone and iPhone Dangerous to Your Children?

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Limiting Cell Phone Usage in Young Children

After reading GQ Magazine’s article today, Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health, I’m renewing my diligence in limiting how my 3-year old daughter uses our cell phones.  It seems that every month or so, I’ll read an article about cell phone radiation dangers, and each time it frightens me enough to not use my cell phone without a head set.  Sure there’s studies like the National Cancer Institute’s research that concludes cell phone usage is not linked to brain tumors, but when our children are involved, isn’t caution and safety a smarter path?

After all, we make sure our electrical outlets are covered, plastic bags are out of reach, our pools gated, car seats secured, vegetables and fruits are pesticide-free, and bottles are BPA-free, so why shouldn’t we also watch how often are children are using our cell phones.  I don’t think I’m going to wait for the government to finally confirm that cell phones are not safe for us.

For now, my daughter only calls my wife via my cell phone on the car speaker phone or a wired headset.  The phone is never allowed to be held to her head.  And now with the holiday season upon us, having our children call long-distance grandparents and relatives so they can hear them babble or show off their early language skills is going to be a frequent occurrence, shouldn’t we exercise more caution using our cell phones?  Maybe using Skype is a better choice.

Here’s another consideration – I know anecdotally among our friends that iPhone usage by our kids is on the rise.  Our little ones love to use the apps we download to teach them math, help them read or just keep them occupied in the car with silly games.  But is this even a safe activity for our kids?  After all, iPhones are constantly pinging the cell towers to download our text messages, emails, and Facebook and Twitter updates.  Regardless whether they are on a call or not, I wonder if it’s safe to have these things in their hands even to just play games?

So let me ask you – are you watching how your children are using your cell phones?  And what would make you reconsider changing how your kids are using your smart phones and iPhones?

Read GQ’s article here.

image via Flickr’s redisred

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