October 20, 2009

Classic Family Dinner Recipes by Campanile's Mark Peel

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New Classic Family Dinners by Mark Peel

Here’s a new family cookbook from Mark Peel of Campanile, one of our favorite restaurants in LA.  It’s outlasted many of the flash-in-the-pan trendy spots and celebrity hang-outs that come and go in LA.  With special nights like Monday night family style dinners and Thursday grilled cheese nights, it’s also one of the more family-friendly restaurants in a more adult setting.  This new cookbook includes recipes for homey comfort food from Peel’s family dinner nights.  Careful, though, these aren’t your “make a meal in 30 minutes” recipes.  Here’s a recipe for Cold Cucumber Soup from the book.

New Classic Family Dinners |  by Mark Peel  |  $23 at Amazon.com

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