October 7, 2010

Yes Disney, Please Take More Risks

in For Parents

Disney's Secretariat

Today’s Los Angeles Times talks about the risk that Disney is taking with its new movie release, Secretariat.  Reading between the lines, that means that Secretariat is not a cartoon, is not computer-animated, doesn’t feature up-and-coming tweener stars, and won’t flood your local big-box warehouses with licensed toys, games or other merchandise.

Having previewed a screening weeks ago, I will tell you that Secretariat is a live-action movie about real people that will bring you relief of not having to see another silly animated movie with the kids. In Secretariat, you’ll follow Diane Lane as Penny Chenery and the Chenery family, owners of Secretariat, as they encounter and overcome the challenges of family events that take place during the life of the last Triple Crown winning horse.  It is inspiring, uplifting, and refreshing to see a good movie that is comfortable to see with the kids and the grandparents.

In short, this is a family movie worth seeing for every generation, and a vote for Disney to take more risks in making inspiring and up-lifting movies like it in the future.

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