August 28, 2006

Four Modern Conveniences Our Parents Never Had

in For Parents

Sure times have changed, but we think these are four modern day conveniences that our parents wished they had when they were raising the kids.

1.  Scooba and Roomba are floor cleaning robots that clean while you’re out at work or grocery shopping.  Scooba scrubs floors and Roomba vacuums.  Friends of ours set their Roombas to clean everyday effectively letting them forget the floor cleaning chore. 

2.  Netflix.  Most all new parents fall behind on their movie watching.  No time to go to the theater, and less time to stop by your local Blockbuster.  Ordering your DVD’s online has become a normal ritual for millions of Americans, yet I think some parents still haven’t experienced the luxury of receiving and returning DVD rentals through the mail.  Plus, there’s no late return penalties?  So I know you’ve heard about Netflix – maybe it’s time to try it?

3.  TIVO.  If you’re missing your favorite TV shows because you can’t find the time to watch at the scheduled time, then watching TV on your time is essential.  No other modern convenience has changed TV watching habits more than TIVO’s DVR technology. With TIVO’s Season Pass feature, you can easily record every episode of your favorite shows with a one-time setup.  Plus, a new feature, KidsZone, helps parents find and record family friendly shows.

4. FoodSaver.  Vacuum packing food is a great way for families to buy foods in bulk and freeze for later use.  There’s an initial infatuation with getting a Foodsaver, but then we started making portions and meals in advance for easy preparation minutes before dinner time.  You think that mom would like to have a freshly made dinner ready in 10 minutes?

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