September 6, 2007

Get Instant Mommy Cool with Apple's New iPods

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Apple iPod Nano

With so much technology today, it’s becoming harder than ever to keep up and stay cool in the eyes of your kids.  Have you seen how fast kids can text message from their phones?  My son can send a three sentence reply faster than most adults can type out an email – and that’s without any common text shorthand like "gr8 2 c u 2!".

Well, here’s one quick way to stay in step.  Run out and get one of Apple’s newest iPods – iPod Nano and iPod Touch.  With the new Nano’s wide body style, it will be instantly recognized as the latest and greatest new gadget to have.

Apple iPod Touch

iPod Touch is Apple’s touch screen version of the iPod.  It’s essentially an iPhone without the phone.  And if you’ve been wanting an iPhone and feel reluctant to switch to AT&T to get it, then the iPod Touch is the next best thing.  With WiFi capability you can surf websites, and now all your videos, music, and photos can be accessed via the beautiful Apple touch screen interface.

With either new iPod, you’ll get instant cool and street cred with your kids – and the gadget-envious moms and dads at the playground too!

Apple Nano and Apple iTouch  |  Starting at $149 at

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