September 28, 2006

It’s 10AM – Do You Know What Your Family is Doing?

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Cozi Screenshot

Planning family schedules and to-do lists are hard enough for busy moms and dads, so Cozi has come up with a new online "family management system" that helps you keep track of what’s going on in your family.  We downloaded the free software and tried it out.  It was simple to set up and we’re not sure yet how much we’ll be using it.  On one level, it seems simple to use but the features might be a bit too simplistic with just a family calendar and shopping list, yet it’s appropriately easy to use for all family members from kids to adults.  I just can’t help feeling, however, that it needs more "robustness" to it.

My favorite feature is the easy way you can send text messages to your family members quickly through the system.  Also, if you happen to forget your shopping list at home, you can call the system and retrieve your list from your cell phone either by voice or text message.

For now, since the software and service is free, why not download Cozi and give it a try?  [via Daily Candy]

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