October 23, 2009

Keeping an Easy Diary for Busy Moms & Dads via Simple Diary

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Philipp Keel's Simple Diary

The inside insert of Simple Diary summaries three reasons why people don’t keep diaries.  First, not every day is eventful; second, it takes a lot of discipline (especially if your day was boring), and third, in case it’s found by another, it can be quite embarrassing.

After picking up a Simple Diary, I can see how I might actually keep a diary.  Each page is filled with questions that help you explore the meaning of your day, and gives you some space to record your thoughts.  I found many of the questions provoked ways to understand the experience of my day from a different perspective.  And I found the answers were revealing but not in any embarrassing way, and that maybe my Simple Diary might be an interesting read one day for my children.

Page from Simple Diary

The beauty of Simple Diary is that there’s no obligation to do a page a day, nor is there a rule to do the pages in order.   Just pick any page, record the date at the top, and jot away.  In this busy world, Simple Diary is exactly that – “simple” – a no-pressure way to chronicle your life and thoughts for the day.

Simple Diary was conceived by artist and writer, Philipp Keel, and is available via Amazon in 6 different colors for around $10.

You can visit the Simple Diary website and also follow @simplediary on Twitter to brighten your day.

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